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Media Usage

How is your user base segmented? What are their motives for using your media? How long will your users, readers, viewers or listen­ers stay engaged? These are questions that can be answered using a variety of methods.

Media Impact

What effects does your media presence have? What are the reactions to your medium? The ef­fects on people or the consequences for society and its areas can be re­searched, e.g. politics or economy.

Clients / Employees

Surveys are an effective tool to generate information for your manage­ment. They enable you to improve or adjust your business orientation or your product range.


Would you like to have your interests repre­sented or help shape de­cisions and developments in your favor? I offer the skills necessary to repre­sent you in industry asso­ciations and research committees.

About me

SandhöferAfter studying journalism with a focus on empirical com­mu­nication research at the Free University of Berlin, working as a re­search assistant at the market research insti­tute forsa and in the media research depart­ment of RTL, I switched to program research at ProSieben in Unter­föhring in the Greater Munich area. I soon took on new responsi­bili­ties within the group as the manager of Research New Media, which encompassed all media research activi­ties for online and tele­text of the ProSieben, SAT.1, kabel eins and N24 networks.

Before leaving Pro­Sie­ben­Sat.1 Media SE, I also represented the group in various media research committees, such as the Working Group Online Research (agof), the Working Group Media Analysis (agma) or the AGF Video Research. I was also able to share my experiences in industry associations such as VAUNET - Association of Private Media or the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW).

Currently, I am the "Elected Market Re­searcher" for the inter­net media in the Tech­nical Commission of the agma (German only) and work in the Work­ing Group for Method­ological Questions within agof. This is, to quote the agof web­site, for "resolving issues related to all study models and methodo­logical challenges ... and lays the ground­work for possible ex­tensions to the study".
I am enrolled as a "market researcher BVM" in the register of qualified researcher of the Professional Associ­ation of German Market and Social Re­searcher (BVM) and thus commit myself to compliance with qual­ity standards, profes­sional rules and data protection. Marktforscher BVM

What I offer

I can support you in all areas of market and media re­search. Regardless of whether you want to do a tra­ditional survey by phone (CATI) or face-to-face (F2F) or you are inter­ested in an online survey (CAWI), I can offer you competent and well-founded advice in all these areas. Through my pre­vious work, I have contacts within established institu­tions and with technical partners that cover all areas of re­search.

However, I don't only provide you with con­tacts. I will also work with you to develop the nec­essary and effective tools to answer your questions and re­quire­ments, and pro­vide you with a simple and under­standable presentation of the results and recommen­da­tions. Spanning several meth­ods and forms of media my portfolio includes, among others, the design of the ques­tionnaire, the device-independent pro­gramming and the technical implementa­tion of your online survey.

Institutions / Partners

Below you will find a selection of institutions and partners with which I have worked, either in the past or present.
This list serves as an overview of my professional environment and possible partners to answer and solve your requirements.